Image credit : Alex Reyto for Trouva

Image credit : Alex Reyto for Trouva

Designer Maker ‘Grow Your Brand’ Coaching Programme

When: January - March 2019  
Where: Upstairs at SMUG - 13 Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1 8EA
Price: £1000
(3 part payment plan of £383 per month available)

Is your passion designing and making products? Are you selling online, at fairs or even in stores? Do you dream of developing your product collection, building your brand and growing your business to be your full-time job? If so, this group coaching programme is for you.

I set up my design store SMUG over 10 years ago and have worked with 100s of designer makers. Over the past couple of years I have also been producing my own work. Based on my insights over many years of experience in this area and particularly, after noticing the mistakes that so many designer makers make time and time again, I have put together a group coaching programme to teach how you can grow your business and establish a wholesaleable brand with good relationships with retailers as well as their own direct customers and audience.

Are you feeling like you're at the stage to invest in your brand and take it to the next level?

These are the areas we'll cover :
Exploring Your Values, Perfecting Your Product, Knowing Your Customer, Communicating Your Brand, Wholesaling to Stores, Growth and the Future.

The cost for the programme is £1000. I can also offer a three part payment plan where the cost is broken down to three chunks of £383 per month. If you are ready to invest not just your money but your time, passion and energy in establishing your brand and growing your business, please click the button below, fill in the application form and start your journey to establishing your brand and growing your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lizzie x