Plant Pot


After the great success of Lizzie's 2015 exhibition, P L A N T  P O T returned for 2016 with a 'Pattern' theme.  
Lizzie commissioned and curated a collection of 12 one-off plant pots, designed and made by friends of SMUG. Each designer produced a water tight plant pot using any material of their choice. Every pot was then planted up by Lizzie with a succulent or cacti to compliment the design.
From top to bottom, starting on the left the pots are designed by - Laura Slater, Geo-Fleur, Manolya IsikOrigami Est, Tilly Hemmingway, Ruby Taylor, Donna Wilson, Holly Kemp, One Design Space, Kangan Arora, One We Made Earlier and Laura Gee.

Lizzie would like to thank all of the designers who took part in the show.


Details of  P L A N T  P O T  2 0 1 7  coming soon. See  P L A N T  P O T  2 0 1 5  here